Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring is Springing

Well today has been a gloriously sunny day albeit COLD .
I decided to have a quick wander round the garden and see what signs of spring I could find and here they are

It  was amazing because from the kitchen window I could not see any signs of growth in the garden but when I went out and got up close low and behold I spotted these crocus growing.
It is also good to see buds on the Clematis that will soon be in flower.
Thankfully Em is not growing she is shrinking that is thanks to her running round the garden like a kitten after who knows what.
I just had to take this pic of Tilly she sat so beautifully and looked at me as if to say look I am beautiful to. Only a mother could love a dog with odd eyes and fur coat that looks as tho its been pulled through a hedge backwards .
And finally Adam has been down for the weekend and he wanted a new facebook Photo so I decided to add it to todays blog. He also had a chance to catch up with his friend Will and we all went to a christian event called The Max last night.
                                                                   Ok well thats all lets hope more sun tomorrow.

1 comment:

H said...

I did have quite a few crocuses in my garden, but the cheeky squirrels...

Oh well. I have loads of snowdrops and the flowering currents are budding.