Thursday, 11 March 2010

H is for................

There are so many words that I could do for H
Hannah is one, my Beautiful 19 year old daughter.
This 1st Picture was taken at her brothers 21st Birthday party the next one at sphereing and the last one is Hannah and her boyfriend Tom at her 19th Birthday.
Hannah is the baby of the family and currently working towards her NVQ  in childcare working at a local nursery. 
I could Talk about Honey the most delicous spread. I mean hot crumpets with melted butter and runny honey , or icecream with honey on top then of course there is honey and lemon when you ahve a cold.

Then there is Hair now for those that know me you will know that I have had some varying hair styles over the years and different colours.
I have to say having experimented with going my natual darker colour I am as of last Wednesday reverting to Blonder they say blonds have more fun and I deffinatley need some fun in my life.

Horses could come here too I do not have any experience of riding them but they are the most amazing animal and I marvel when I see competent people manouvering them around.
Heaven Now some of you will believe in heaven some of you won't all I can say on the matter is that it is the 7th word of the bible and appears many times in the old and new testament.
and for me the BIBLE stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Obviously there are no pictures for heaven but we all have our own ideas of what it will be like.
I do know that there is only one way in and that is to love Jesus with all your heart Mind and soul.
Holy Spirit
Now there is another ever present H  need I say more ?
Home for me has changed recently I still live in the same building but the dynamics have changed . Since my Husband ( oops there is another h ) left the house feels strange not complete but thats ok God is helping me along with my fantstic family and friends to move on towards what God has instore  for me.
Haribo sweets what is it about these little sweets they are so bad for you but yummy at the same time well some of them are.

What are your favourites mine are the fried eggs I love them yummy
Now this could get confusing because there are two types of Honesty there are the Horticultural ( oops another H) ones that come in a variety of colours and then when finished flowering leave behind these lovely seed heads .
Then there is the other meaning of Honesty not to lie I have always taught the children it is best to tell the truth and the only time they ever got smacked as children was when they lied and they really hardly ever lied Honestly !!!!.

Do I need to say anymore?
Cold winters day

Of all of these what would I choose as the most important, I would say that I am most thankful that I have experienced all of them but I am truly thankful that I have good health minor hiccups along the way and on going blips but on the whole ok so yet again I have compiled a list but slightly different this week .
Now what will I do next week  I what a difficult one .
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and a  happy Alphabet Thursday to you all.


jaydubblah said...

Hi, good post
My H is a bit silly but I do hope you will have time to Visit Me

Sh@KiR@ CK said...

Your daughter is so lovely.

Happy Thursday!





GardenofDaisies said...

Honestly having a hard time deciding which H word I like the best! Hannah is beautiful!

Viki said...

All great H words. I don't know why I found it so difficult when you came up with so many LOL.

laterg8r said...

what great H words :D

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I had to think for quite a while in order to come up with one H word. You did very well. Lots of H words in your post.

Jo said...

I enjoyed reading your blog post ... we have some similar H's!

Jenny said...

What a heart-warming post of beautiful people who hold your heart!


Steph said...

What wonderful H words and your Hannah is just lovely. Thank you for the reminder of heaven. Wish I could have some of that hot chocolate.