Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mothers Day 2010

It is Mothers day all ready this year where is the year going?
I have had a lovely weekend. Yesterday Hannah and I drove over to meet Becky and Carl and got to look through their extended home wow what a difference. Then we drove to Congleton collected my Dad and met up with Liz and James and all went to a lovely pub for a meal and generally pleasant evening. I had some wonderful giftd from Becky & Carl and Liz and James. Also Becky had made a Simmnel Cake a first for me. We are having it this afternoon with AJ who is coming over to dog walk and have afternoon tea. We were going to meet her at David Austin Roses but unbeknown to me Hannah had wanted to make me a surprise and really wanted AJ to join us . So a quick call and plans were relocated.I was woken up to a wonderful couple of texts from Liz and Becky and then Hanah made me a cup of tea and joined me in bed for a chat. her gift was a DVD and a lovely card and the mothers day tea.These socks will certainly not be confused as to who they belong to.

Church was a lovely service and dedicated to Mothers there was a brilliant Monologue in it entitled mean Mother.
AJ came over and we went for a fab walk then came home to a wonderful tea with Hannah Tom and Pom what a fantastic day.
And I have to sayy what a privellage to be Mum to such wonderful children  Thank You God

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