Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Em the Adventurer

Ok I had a very eventful half hour tonight.
Why I hear you ask?
The reason was Em Becky and Carl's cat decided to go on an adventure of great heights.

Em decided that the Arbour was a good place to observe the world from.
That was all well and good until it came to getting down.

                                    At this point Em is pruning the plants
I think at this point Em was looking for air sea rescue.

I did at one point call Carl and let him know there was a problem I even considered calling the fire brigade as our ladders are in Gemma and Christophers garage  and they are away.
All was ok tho when Hannah got home as she is just that bit taller than me and climbed on a chair and got her down.
Now we are supposed to learn from all lifes experience so what have I learnt from this?
I have learnt that Em who was obese when she arrived has slimmed down and is now much more agile than she was and like a toddler can not be trusted in the garden on her own anymore now as much as I have loved having Em to stay and she is such an affectionate cat I will be relieved when she goes home. Is this preperation for Grandparenthood?
Well all I can say is I hope none of my grandchildren climb into the Arbour but hey I am sure if they do I will cope.

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