Sunday, 11 April 2010

Brilliant Birthday Bash

Ceris & Matt
Two Generations celebrating together

Linda and her Mum
Hannah & Linda
Chris & Matt
The newest Member of the family Millie
This is the Mullin Family Mike, Nik,Linda,CerisMat,Roy & Ken

And this is the rest of the family .

How do we know them?

Well when we moved to Market Drayton in 2000 Our children became friends with each other. We share lot's in common. 3 of our children sgare birthdays us parents got married on the same day in 1984.
And basically it feels as tho we have known each other all our lives.

Matt and Chris are best Friends as are Nik and Hannah
and Ceris is kind of Nan to all of them and a bit of an adopted mum to me .

This party was special for many reasons one was obviou because we were celebrating 2 birthdays the 2nd was because it was a chance for Ceris to have all her family  (- 2 grandchildren) together and finally in September Matt is more than likely heading to Afghanistan so it was good to celebrate now.

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H said...

Lots of birthdays around at the mo. Did you know that Andy Rawlings was 21 yesterday? Liam Duffy (Mo & Sarah's grandson) must have been 18 yesterday cus he was born the day before my Mark, who is 18 tomorrow :)