Saturday, 10 April 2010

Proverbs 10

S4  Lazy hands make a man poor,
but diligent hands bring wealth.

O As I read this Proverb I had the picture of a two sided coin each side had had a word on on one side was the word right and on the other wrong or the words could be good and bad . Each verse is split into two and we have free will to decide what choices we make. I do know that what ever we choose will effect how are journey with God goes.

A I was struck by verse 4 for my personal situationand whilst I am not LAZY as such I do not always use my time wisely. I need to find new ways of earning extra income so I need to apply that to my memmory bank .

P Father God I pray that I will choose what is right and that you will guide me to spend my money wisely and use my time wisely and be obedient to you.


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