Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday

What is so good about today ?
today is the day we ,well I remember that God allowed his Son to die to a cross. Not very nice is it ?
Less than 4 months ago we were celebrating the birth of sweet baby Jesus now remind me where was that? in a nice clean maternity hospital with latest faciliutes ( 2000 years ago) no, in a probably cold damp stable that stank of animals.

So basically Jesus entered this world in a paupers way and left it like a criminal but wait, he is the king of kings and Lord of Lords how does that work?

I don't know but I do now that without Jesus making that sacrifice I have no chance of going to heaven

John 3:16 (New International Version)
16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

As Jesus hung on the cross he knew what was going to happen he could have asked his Father to free him but he knew what had to do and he did it, Jesus died for you and me that we might have eternal life.
All I can say is that with all that has happened to me ( only minor in comparrison to what many go through) since August 28th last year I know without a shadow of a doubt that without God I would not be where I am now.
God has placed the right people in the right places at the right time letters and emails and phone calls and texts have arrived at just the right time.
And even before then I believe bringing AJ much nearer was in God's plan ( as well as hers) as she has been the voice of experience and reason.
I have not through any of this slandered anyone and again I credit God's grace because I have been tempted.
Yes there are hurts on all sides but with prayerand patience I believe they will be healed and that is all becaise God sacrificed his son Jesus on Good Friday all those years ago .
Could I sacrifice my beloved son I could throttle him at times ( only Joking Chriis) but no I could not sacrifice him but then I can not see the bigger picture and thankfully so I have enough trouble coping with the small picture I can see .

If you want to read more of the Easter Story check out Matthew 25 onwards
God Bless

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Not written mine yet today, but when Ido, it will also be about 'Good' Friday :)