Saturday, 3 April 2010

Not just a Good Friday a Brilliant Saturday as well

Friday started early with me meeting Becky & carl at the Laurels and saying a quick Hi to my Dad then off to Liz and James via the Trafford centre ( shopping) we did a quick flit round there then off to Elland.
 We had A fabulous fish pie for lunch followed by two gorgeous desserts thanks to Becky .
The fountain in the Trafford entre spurts water periodically I just missed it !!!

Becky headed for the Bear Factory this is the story of making Bear Vadar

Hear and four lef clover lovingly wished over by Becky then placed inside

And then off to be paid for

And finally dressed and ready to give.

This fish pie was AMAZING thanks Liz

Eton mess
And the biggest orio cookie ever made by Becky they were yummy

And finally we headed off to look at Liz and Jame's new houseand yes it was cold.

When I got home Saturday after a flying visit to Congleton and a lovely lunch with My Aunt Margaret, Uncle Tony , Cousin Lyn and her Husband Martin with My Dad and my girls plus Carl , I came home to produce another birthday gift for another neighbours daughter .

I love this T shirt logo
SO another wekend half over . Can't wait for Easter day

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H said...

I used to enjoy waiting for the fountain to spurt; but doesn't it stink of chlorine - LOL!

Happy Easter to Cooks