Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spring Harvest

Ok for the last 5 days I have been in Sunny and HOT Minehead in Somerset. I was with Carolyn Thompson a friend from Manchester and we were at a Christian conference called Spring Harvest

Basically we joined 28 other people from my church and a few thousand more christians from around the world ( literally )  to spend time at Butlins  learning more about God.
Our Worship was led by Vicky Beeching 

 This is just one of her songs that I loved.

Ok now you know what i was doing now this was our home for the five days. We could not get into our accomadation until 4pm so having lugged our luggage we enjoyed the sun .

This was all new to Carolyn so she started to look at the program so overwhelming

There was also a nest opposite our chalet.

On the Thursday we had a picnic and game of rounders I decided to be the official photographer.
Obviously i can not put  many pictures on here as they would need permission but I know that whilst she will object to the photo Carolyn will not object in theory.
MM now being close to the sea there were zillions of these lovely birds. How could God create a bird that could make so much mess and have such an amazing range of noises emmitting from its beak. At times I thought there were cats meowing no just a gull then a baby crying nope just a gull

This was our group picnic

I managed to get a picture of this amazing painting more will be revealed on Thursday .
Anyway must go having only had a couple of hours sleep I need my bed .

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H said...

It's years since I've been to Spring Harvest. I think the last time was 1983! And always in Prestatyn. It was superseded by being on the Abersoch Holidy Mission team and then latterly, New Wine. New Wine N&E again this summer. Can't wait!