Monday, 19 April 2010

Back to school Summer term

Wow how quickly the Easter Holiday passed.
Today was day 1 of the summer term this is the term that generally flies by. We have a bank holiday Monday in two weeks time then a week off at the end of MAy begining of June and then unlike my American family we continue at school until approximatley 24th July ( I might be slightly out on that )
Any way day one was good . Great to catch up and hear childrens excitment of how much chocolate they had eaten

As part of my job I organise activities at lunchtime and today as well as football there was chalk and I just thought I would share with you a childs drawing of me .

This was drawn by a couple of children I am quite concerned that children think i have that much facial hair!!!!!
But I do love the fact that they see me as someone with a smile on my face.

Cat Climbing

Once again Em decided that she was going to climb . I really do not mind her antic but I do wish she would learn to get down.
any way here are her latest efforts

At one point Em thought that if she started eating the plant it would help .

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