Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Ok what is so special about 10?
could it be that there is an election going on in this country?
Am I hoping for a new resident of this famous 10?

I am waiting to see who will be there after May 6th am I excited no , I am more escited to see when the tadpoles will get legs in my pond.

Could it be that amazing ( so I am told at school ) Ben 10
No I know very little about him and if I was to be excited about a cartoon it would be the Simpsoms

No my 10 that has caused me to be excited is that I am 3 followrs away from hitting 10 followers on my blog.
well that is 10 followers who have signed in to follow .
For something that started out as way to communicate to my family spread near and far I decided to follow my cousin in Spokanes example and Blog.
am I addicted MM no can live without but would rather not.
I have linked up with some amazing people and had great support especially since last August when life changed.
Anyway of to work now
Thanks for following

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