Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Study

Ok firstly please do not think of me as a SLOB . In some ways that could be considered a fair lable for me but I need to explain.
The study in my home is the centre of my life as far as the house goes. It comes in for lot's of abuse mostly by me.
In this room I plan ( well Hannah and I do) for Rainbow's as well as preparing for each session.
I also do preperation for KAINOS  the church Youth Homegroup that I co lead.
Then there is BOB's club (build our bible skills) the after school faith club at school.
Added to this there is card making and occasional scrapbooking.
So as you can see and hopefully understand this is a well used room.
Now I know where everything is but I am not stupid enough to think that this can carry on. I have decided to tackle one part at a time so tonights challenge is the craft area I hope you can appreciate the difference.

Ok so this is it I am revealing to you the before and after

Ok so there it is .
now this is only one part of the room done , I still have shelves of books and crafting material to do but I am determined to get it sorted once and for all.

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