Thursday, 22 April 2010

N is for Nothing ........

Ok well that is not quite true but I have to say Blogging on N is really hard .
I thought of nautical, naughty, neighbours , Nieces, Nice ( just hate that word) but decided on new.

New what I hear you ask ok maybe not actually hear you but imagine that you are thinking that.
Well this week I am sharing with you some NEW art work. Not mine but some that were painted during the evening celebration service at Spring Harvest last week.
These were created in less than 2 hours.

This one was all newspaper strips threaded on netting with a cross over.

I am not sure what this was but took the picture anyway

I loved the simplicity of this showing that if we all work together there does not need to be a mess.

This was from the childrens worship session

As was this what a brilliant way to re uses CDs.

Again I think this was smashed up CDs

These three photos are obviously of one painting. The speaker had been talking about a dream she had had where she was being dangled over a canyon thinking she was going to fall but how the eagle had come and lifted her on wings to protect her.

This was also amazing a clay pot broken but still letting light shine through.

This painting was completely different all I could think was what a mess but actually that is what it is and sums up how our lives are sometimes, well I know mine is. There is the beauty of the flowers tho that makes it bearable.
If you like what you see here then please visit the artist at

on her web site she has a better interpretation these are just my thoughts before I read her notes.

Oh another new I want to share with you is this 

It might not seem a very exciting pavement ( sidewalk) but it does mean that the children at the school I work in can walk more safetly to the playing field for PE.

Anyway that is my offering this week for Alphabet Thursday .
Pop over to see what else is on offer at

Also sorry if I did not get to see you all last week but I was away and have not stopped since I got back sorry
I promise to visit and comment this week


Jacque said...

Good Morning,

WOW, those pictures are amazing!! I am so glad you shared that with us!

Have a great week!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What great pictures! They have a new look at things.

kim said...

Amazing artwork. Thanks for sharing those.

Viki said...

Such cool artwork. Sounds like that pavement was sorely needed for the children.

laterg8r said...

totally funky art TFS :D

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I am so in awe of creative people! Wow...

Tina said...

Those were some amazing pieces! Thanks for sharing. And welcome back!

mbkatc230 said...

I can't believe those were done in under 2 hours. Amazing! And yippee for the new sidewalk, I'm sure that makes everyone feel alot safer. Thanks for stopping by. Kathy

Nora Johnson said...

Fabulous pics & fabulous 'N' post!

Thanks for stopping by! And look forward to *seeing* you again next Thursday for 'O'!


PS we have many followers in common- Jenny (Matlock),LaterGr8er etc!!

Christy said...

It amazes me what creative people can do in under 2 hours. There is a song we sing at church that has this line in it. "And He will raise you up on eagles wings, bear you on the breathe of dawn, make you to shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of His hand". One of my favorites - we even sung it at my son's funeral.

Riet said...

Beautiful art. I love it

Jo said...

Wonderful artwork ... and under 2 hours, that is pretty amazing! Enjoy your safer walks!

Jenny said...

It always amazes me how much talent people have.

Really interesting and nifty artwork.

I particularly liked the paintings with little splashes of nacarat in them!

I am continuing on using obscure words as I journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "N"...

And you are continuing to charm us each week with your posts!


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

That NEW artwork was very nicely done and your interpretation was very good.

The NEW sidewalk is a big improvement!

jeff campbell said...

Some beautiful artwork...Thank you for sharing, and much thanks for your visit and comments about my "N" post. I kinda like the view through the hole in the rock too...Blessings

lissa said...

great artworks, they are certainly new to me

thanks for your visit

Lourie said...

What fabulous pictures!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Short and Sweet said...

Wonderful artwork especially the fish with the CD's. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures that you posted.

Amanda said...

Thanks you for the lovely comments about my blog! I love the newspaper strips, but I think my favorite piece of art was the painting that was a "mess"-- I can sooo relate!

easternsparkle said...

Thanks for sharing those 'nice' new things!!