Friday, 23 April 2010

St George's Day

Ok it is April 23rd what is so special?
It is St Georges day and I for one am proud to be English not British ENGLISH.

The English Flag

Queen Elizabeth

Houses of Parliment

Tower Bridge Red bus and Black Cab

Red Telephone box

Pillar Box

Fish and chips

sausage and mash

English Breakfast

And finally Roast beef and yorkshire pudding.

There are many more things to be proud about these are just a few


Beth said...

Oh my goodness! I haven't had decent fish and chips never mind roast beef and yorkshire pudding since I was in Yorkshire in the 70s!

Kristin said...

England and Scotland are the only places I have visited outside North America and I loved every minute of it. My great-grandfather came from Lincolnshire so I have that English blood running through me. :)

H said...

Have you had a go at my St George's Day quiz? See how you get on. :)