Saturday, 24 April 2010

The study part 2

The Study
Ok if you read here the other day you will remember that I waws starting to clean up the study. Well Hannah and I have been in here since midday and finished at 5ish and apart from eating lunch Hannah has not stopped I had 2 breaks one to get some food shopping and another when a friend came round.

The good thing about these shelves is that I have got rid of loads of things I am spending the evening sifting through CDs to match up case to CD and then deciding what I will ever listen to again the unwanted will be at a car boot sale soon.

Look I have floor

I also have desk space

This picture above was all crammed in what a mess

The picture below was after 1st tidy up when I then started the book shelves
The after effects were post Hannah treatment

The below pic was pre Hannah treatment

And finally Tilly just had to get in on the act.

inside the house all that needs doing now are my bedroom books and the loft AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH
I need to really get motivated for that one.
and finally when Becky and Carl have finished there house and taken their boxes from the garage it will be a  MEGA garage  tidy up and countless tip runs I suspect.
but for now I am going to make dinner and watch Dr Who.


Amanda said...

Wow, this room has come a long way! I finally gave up on keeping CDs in their own cases. I bought a CD binder, and everything went into that. It's organized by genre, rather than alphabetized. So easy.

Debbie said...

It is a great feeling to be organized, I am working on it.

H said...

Looking good! I was delighted when the garage was done. It had been needing it for ages!
The challenge now, is to not let it slip back into how it was :)