Sunday, 9 May 2010

My Day today

Ok today was a busy and productive day.
The sun was shining and Hannah Pom ( on a weekend visit) set off to Biddulph to help Becky and Carl in their house and garden. We took supplies and warm clothing ( not needed)

My task was to try and level this all off this was taken after a good hours digging.
At one point I was on my knees and Liz thought I looked as tho I had been planted so I posed.
I am not sure Liz and Hannah were fully into the idea of workin actually it was more to do with the fact that they did not want to paint They did a great job with Becky cleaning the fire place. They decided they just needed a siesta.

Becky and Carl bought me a gift  and so when I got home I put it to use. My scarves ( I collect them) were all on the clothes horse  and as AJ said did look messy So I put them in this holder now I just need to find somewhere to hang it.

And finally I was happilly ( Ok so I am lying) Ironing when sudenly the ice cream van appeared well Tilly knows that sometimes she gets Ice cream so went to the door ever hopeful, as we had only just eaten we did not want any but I have  deal with the Icecream man he gives me a tiny one for Tilly. She sits and waits at the bottom of the path for him, It lasted 20 seconds if that .


Terra said...

I love the scarf organizer. How cool is that!

H said...

Does the Tracey tree grow flowers or fruit?

Loving the idea of the siesta!

My name is PJ. said...

Just reading about your day made me tired! You are one busy soul!

I love that Tillie got her own cone!

Pondside said...

What a happy post!
Love that scarf organizer - very smart!