Sunday, 6 June 2010

Amazing people I admire

Ok firstly this is not a blog about famous people who are in our faces every day  ( unless you happen to lieve by them ). These people are a group of people who for one reason or another are amazing and in ALL cases think of others before themselves.
Patricia Dorothy Cates  AKA Mom ( she lives in America ) , Trish,  Sis, Aunty Pat and probably others not to mention.

Ok why ?
Firstly she is 2nd daughter of my maternal grandparents so she is my Aunt Pat ( like a 2nd Mum as well)
Secondly she bravely followed her heart to America from UK years ago ( sorry forgot how many 50+) to be with Uncle Chuck .
She has an amazing family of 4 children, 8 Grandchildren, and 3 ( I think) great grandchildren, plus  

Nephew and Niece here in UK with 5 great Nieces and a great nephew and 2 great great nieces, this  does not include any on uncle chucks side that I do not know.
Why because Pat has battled against Ovarian cancer for 12+ years  whilst keeping everything in her family together , and at the same time supporting Chuck during his ups and downs with health.
Pat is truly an encouragement to each of us but especially to anyone with cancer.
For me personally she has been like a Mum in many ways since my own mum died, Even living so far away I know she is just on the other end of a phone .
Just this week Trish raised mega dollars by walking 3 miles for cancer care .
She is the first on my list .

2nd on my list was a tie between two amazing women


They are My mums 3rd sister Aunt Jean or AJ as she is now reffered to and Sylvia my Godmother and Mum's best friend.
Both in different ways have guided me through the transition from rebellious teenager to where I am today.
Sylvia really is my 2nd Mum she is the one that tells me all about my Mum when they were younger She is the one that hugged when my Mum died .
AJ is the one who has the sensible head on and guides me when I have a wordly problem She is the one who I confided in about my marriage, She is the one who I have spent the most time with especially since she moved to Shropshire.
Unfortunatley I can not find a photo of Sylvia on my PC I know there are some but I have lost them.

3rd, 4th and 5th on my list are my fab daughters

Why ?

Basically they are brilliant and have been there in such a strong way over the last 9 months. Would have found it impossible without them. They do not let me wallow in self pity they remind me I am on a diet , Liz even tries to teach me to spell it by saying D I E T whenever I want a bad goody .

They are also leading lives that is fullfilling their desire to love others before themselves.

And finally there is

Robert Peter Elsdon

Without him I would not be here in more ways than one.

He is also Beauty Grandad  and I know that all of us would have found the last 9 months much harder without him . I am so glad he lives nearer.

There are many more that I could add but for now this is my list
And to you if your reading this THANK you without you  and God I would not be the person I am today .

I have made new friends in Blog land and look forward to making more
God Bless


˙·٠•●❤Sh@KiR@ ❤●•٠·˙ said...

My dearest Tracy,
You are so blessed and I know just why. Such a blessed history and you have done yourself so proud to have three lovely daughters.
I have two teenagers myself but they will not let me put up their pictures. LOL

Krista said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post Tracy! We are SO fortunate and lucky to have such AMAZING women in our family - including YOU!!