Sunday, 27 June 2010

Fantastic times

Ok what can I say number two daughter Elizabeth and her her wonderful partner James are on the property ladder. This is not an easy achievement for anybody now adays but even harder for young people.
Any way they are the proud owners of a fantastic 3 bed semi just outside leeds, and Friday night I had the privilege pf driving up to stay and sharing their excitement alongside Becy and Carl and Hannah who had been there ALL day helping sort the new and clean their old apartment for handover.

As is traditional when you have a new home Liz and James were given new home cards and gifts .
The notice board was made by Hannah and I . Liz chose the fabric  and I will be making kitchen accesories to match .
It is fair to say that my girls do not need much of an excuse to raise a glass in celebration and yesterday was no exception.

Carl and James decided to play the fools by pretending that one had been presented with the notice board what clowns.

a second earlier James had been smiling at the prospect of a home cooked meal . They had had take aways the previous few nights so were very happy when I arrived with a white lasagne


Ok today was a chilled day lazy morning off into Leeds then Ikea then home to collect a happy dog and  cuddle the bunny.

Today was a busy one first of all Hannah had breakfast in bed , then we set to on the airing cuboard .
Our Airing cupboard has been home to towels , sheets and goodness knows what else  for an army , well maybe not an army but six permanent residents plus doubles plus just in case stuff.

Well no more there is enough bedding for each bed to have a set and a spare and same with towels. Now on our spare baed are sets of matched bedding and towels waiting to see if anyone wants if not it is off to charity shop.
Whilst it was hard to say goodbye to some much loved bedding it feels so empowering to have a tidy airing cupboard.

Next was the mamoth wash loads I had I decided to wash the sofa covers as we have such good weather.
Then it was time to strip ALL the beds followed by a quick trip to the loft .
I then dissapeared for 3 hours as went to some  good friends for afternoon tea with along with my neighbours.
Following a disasterous football game I came home to a mountain sized pile of ironing ALL done now.
So as you can see I have had a fantastic weekend .

Needles to say I took my camera and I am so glad I did .
Anyway thats my weekend . hope yours was good


H said...

Very productive :) Congratulations to Liz and James!

Tina said...

aww what a lovely lookin couple. hope they are happy in their new home.

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Jenny said...

Wow - what an achievement for Liz and James! You must be really proud!