Wednesday, 30 June 2010

x is for .......................

I am so excited I am off to Xanadu in X days I have been warned its very xerothermic and I will suffer from xerostomia unless of course I drink lots of water.
I have been advised to wear xilinous clothing to keep cool, I am worried that I will be affected by xerophthalmia or xerosis but lets hope not, I really hope I adapt to the xerophily quickly.

I have been told that I shoukld look out for  xiphias, xeme, xenurine  and the local xenops I must take my camera with me.

I am so excited to be blogging about  xenodocheionology but concerned that I will not be xenophilia .
I have done loads of xerocopy so I wont miss anything while in Xanadu.


See if you can match the picture to the word good luck.

xemexiphias xenurine xenops

Ok well I am of to pack Oh yes I don't want to alarm you but I think I am suffering from xanthocyanopsy one of the symptoms is xanthopsia .
Oh I forgot to tell you ,friends have arranged for me to have a trip on a xebec , I hope its not a stormy day .

I must just tell you about the Xarles family
There is Xabier who works for Rank Xerox,  Xander Who has a twin called  Xavier they are six then their is the Mum  Xenia  one of her parents is called  Xeno who is sixty they also have Quads called Xiannon, Xilan ,Ximena and  Xing  Oh and a cat called Xiomara A dog called Xylon  and the parrot is called Xzavier .
The really are an extrodianry family .
The have an hexagonal shaped house over six floors.

Anyway I really must go I have a list of spellings to learn for my spelling test at school, Jenny our teacher really gets quite cross if we do not get 10/10 .
Please call into school during playtime and I will share my xiaodianxin  and xingzi  with you but don't tell Teacher otherwise she will mark my work with a great big x.Plus you will be able to see what the other students are up to


linda said...

My tongue just tripped and stumbled over my teeth with this one.
Great job.

Terra said...

holy smokes you did great with the x's - wow!

Theresa said...

An Xtraordinary amount of Xes! but wait...what's the answer to the "X Quiz"????

5thsister said...

LOL...loved this! Very well done.

laterg8r said...

holy x words batman, you got TONS :D

H said...

No chance with the quiz. Haven't heard of any of those words :(

There are still places left on team for New Wine. I know it involves work, but it is fun, free and you get well fed :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

My dictionary didn't have all your x words. I need a better dictionary just to look them up.

Jenny said...

This took me a while to read because I didn't know most of the X words.

Holy Xcitement Miss Tracy. This was really some serious "X's" happening here!

I loved this stop on my little journey.

It was really Xcellent!


Jingle said...


Cynthia said...

Oh wow. This was really thought out and well said.

Great "X" post!

Jo said...

wow ... you are so going to get a gold star on your paper this week! wonderful ... i will have to revisit with my dictionary in hand!

mbkatc230 said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I thought that this would be a fun week, and you certainly proved me right! Great X post, you should move to the head of the class with this one :) Kat

The Muse said...

I too was in the X class...
Please drop in when you can.
My X-Post
~Excursion of Xeranthemum~

A Diva's Hammer Prose is always best to know the "Locals" the tidbits and then the match it quiz!
Just had a great time :)

Christy said...

Great post - I totally flunked your quiz - I hope it isn't counted against my final grade.