Thursday, 1 July 2010

Saturday Centus week 8

Ok Firstly could somebody please tell me where the week has gone?
I am normally straight into this on a Saturday morning, not that I think you will notice if I did not enter but thats not the point I love doing it .

I am taking part in Saturday Centus a chance for us to show our skills ( or in my case lack of) to use the prompt ( in purple) along with upto 100 extra words to entertain you the reader . Please pop over to Jenny and check out the others thanks


I can't believe it I am at the end of my first year at University .Rebecca is in the crèche hubby at work and little old me studying to be a teacher. To top it off I just got my results from end of year exams I got a 1st that is so cool.
Suddenly Sarah whispered to me “Did you notice Elizabeth in class this morning and how forlorn she seemed?"I had not I was to wrapped up in my own excitement Perhaps I will write her a comforting note, I thought. Elizabeth was my best friend why had I not noticed “Please God give me the right words to say ” Found out later Sarah failed her first year.



Jana said...

Hi Tracy,
My e-mail response wasn't working, so I popped over to visit your blog! Thank you so much for your sweet note of encouragement! Yes, thankfully, our Lord is sovereign. What a comforting reality! Have a beautiful day in Him!

Viki said...

I thought this was great. I liked that you brought Sarah back too. Good Centus.