Thursday, 3 June 2010

T is for................

Ok here goes on

T is for

Twinnings Tea in my opinion amongst the best

T is for

We are all teachers of one sort or another, we have taught our children , our pets our friends and been taught by the same and more.

T is for


Slow and  steady

T is for


Not sure why we say time is flying but it is , can you believe we are in June already?
I also know that I have really bad time management in other words I waste time.
Now I wanted to come up with some tangibly tantilizing terms here , but to be truthful it turns out that I am truly tastless in my words today.

So I thought I would share with you my taste in tongue tasty food.

Tomaoes on toast are truly my fav snack especialy with twists of pepper.

Next would have to be speedy Tuna Pasta bake

Tattoos are something that look painful but can look beautiful this was designed for me by my cousin and one day I would love to go visit him and have him put it on my shoulder.I do not have any yet and to have my torso tattoed over every inch is not for me but one teeny tiny tasteful one might appear one day.

OK I can hold off no longer there is one obvious starring in your face T

(this photo has been technically transformed)

Me Tracy Ann Cook
I was born on 7th January 1963
I am the youngest of two terrible children I have an older brother Robert ( a whole decade older)
When I popped out into the world I was fostered for a while as it was not possible to live with my Mum
But then at 5/6 I moved home and had 10 years with my Mum before she died of Cancer in 1979.This is not a terrible tragedy tale, as I know through all this that God has been there even before I knew he was.

The first wedding I went to

This is a photo I love and it reminds me that my Mum did love me. The bag I am holding was bought back from Jamaica by AJ I loved it .

Ok sticking with the wedding theme I do scrub up well.

Down side to life
I am seperated from the man I married and had hoped to spend the rest of my life with. He had other plans.
I do not know what the future is but I do know that as long as I keep in touch with God I will be ok.

Jeremiah 29:11

This is my Motto at the moment but it is not just true for me it is for you as well
My travels have been turbulent and terrific but thats life.
I can either wallow in self pity or be a Castle ( Family name) and get up brush my self down and look forward guess what I am choosing?

I am taking part in Alphabet Thursday under the watchful eye of class teacher
Please Miss
I bought you a tantalizingly tasty treat.
An Apple

Oh sorry wrong kind of Apple  I meant to give you this one

Sorry had a taste to make sure it was ok to give you !!!!

Terrific Thursday time ,tata for time being till we take time to talk again.


A 2 Z said...

HI Tracy Ann,

It was my pleasure having you drop by for tea. I always love meeting new people. I agree with you that Twinnings is the best. That's all I drink. You have a lovely family.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

The cartoon on teachers is wonderful. I love all the other t's too.

Terra said...

tongue tasty food...a cute stretch! and it looked delic!! And the TATA was priceless!

My name is PJ. said...

Excellent T!! My favorite was your point about teachers.

And you reminded me I could have done tattoos for my T! I have my own personal collecttion!

JcVeggie said...

Wow! Amazing post as usual:) I love all the pics of you and your life! I am getting started on your doll this week along with some foodie tips:) I look forward to getting going on these and I will talk to you soon friend:) Jessica

5thsister said...

It was terrific getting to know you better!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Very sweet..

ta ta, see you next week

laterg8r said...

terrific, so many great t words :D

Jo said...

wonderful post ... life does come with its not so happy bits ... you do seem to have a positive outlook on them ... i think your "castle" is strong!

Catherine said...

Very interesting T post :) .

Viki said...

Loved all your T words. I know what you mean about time flying by. I hardly can believe it's June already myself but it is LOL. I love your positive attitude. Good luck to you.

Jingle said...

lovely look,
yummy in tummy..

Jackie said...

Hi Tracy, I hope you are having a terrific Thursday . I'm surprised nobody took that day of the week for the letter T . I like your post this week . TTYL (talk to you later)

Jenny said...


You are lovely! This was a wonderful post and I really liked the photos you shared.

I agree with you on the Twinings Tea! Especially when drunk on a Tuesday or a Thursday ... with toast!

Thanks for participating in Alphabe-Thursday Tracy.

You are always lovely!


Mary said...

I enjoyed your post today! It had a little bit of everything. Thank you for reminding me that there is a plan for all of us, I forget that sometimes!

Anna said...

Lots of good T-words here! Tea is one that I have thought of, but did not use. Tatoo is a T-word that I have not thought about at all.
Best wishes,

Anna's Ts

Cheryl said...

Lovely set of Ts. My favorite part was the story of you and your mum. I'm sorry that you are separated and trust as you do that a higher power will see you through.

Julie Schuler said...

So much story in such a short post. It was great to learn more about you.