Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Ok I would like to start a Meme (The term Internet meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with "cream"[1]) is used to describe a concept that spreads swiftly via the Internet.[2] The term is a reference to the concept of memes, although this concept refers to a much broader category of cultural information.)

This is a place to share something either in pictures or words the choice is yours I look forward to sharing with you .

Ok these two pictures have come from Google
But they do sum up what I think about Wednesday.
Wednesday is the middle of the week . It is half way from Sunday to Saturday.

What can we share here ?

Well I would like it be a place to encourage each other in whats gone before and prepare for what is to come.
A place of honesty where if things are not going great we can be honest enough to say so.
But like wise if things are going well share that and encourage each other.
I don't know how many followers/ readers have a faith , I do and for me that is how I get through the tough times . It is also how I get through the good times for me God is great.
I do not know the majority of the answers to questions that people have  but I do know that I can say with confidence that God knows the plans he has for me Jeremiah 29;11
Ok for now I am going to hope I get replies I would like to be clever and set up a LINKY I have registered but thats it.
Any offer of help would be appreciated .

W o n d e r f u l








I would like to make this into a button any ideas?
ok this is crazy I know but I don't like to give up on an idea if it is not working will reconsider.
Please leave a comment and tell me what you think be honest PLEASE.
Wednesday allways reminds me of "Winds-day" from Winnie the Pooh story of the Blustery day if you do not know it please read its a fab story of how we should be , helping each other.
Any enough rambling in a few minutes it will be Wednesday .Enjoy

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Terra said...

Hey, I would be happy to make you a button for your meme but it could take me a bit of time (they are quick to make but I am short on time this week because it is the last week of school) - let me know if you don't get any other offers and I will do it for you - (no charge of course!!!)