Saturday, 3 July 2010

Independance Day 2010

Happy Independance Day 2010

Firstly I would urge you to go here A Bloggers tribute to.4th July and read why Americans are proud to be American.
I am not American but My wonderful Aunt has lived there since the early 50's when she married a GI in Newmarket England.
I have to say whilst I am immensely proud to be English I so love so much of the American way of life especially their love of cinnamon flavoured products. Oh and Bath and Body works.

My family in Spokane will have mixed feelings this 4th July as Grandma Lyla ( sorry not sure how it is spelt) has died. She was 98 and had been an amazing person I only had the pleasure of meeting her twice but the second time she remembered me ( I guess I am hard to forget) . imagine having lived through 97  Independence days .


Sue said...

Thanks so much for linking to my post. I'm glad you enjoyed my thoughts enough to want to share them. And I love that you're an English woman with a fondness for America and Americans!


jfb57 said...

Have a great day!

BTW your twitter button doesn't work! what's your id?