Sunday, 4 July 2010

My 4th July 2010

This collection of photos is basically of a brilliant day.
Becky and Carl collected my Dad and came over to visit primarily to watch the carnival .
It was so good to have my Dad over and to see the pleasure on everyones faces. Although he was not smiling in this photo Beauty Grandad is never happier than when with his grandchildren and the feeling is mutual .This was Hannah on her work place float . The theme was a night at the movies Hannah's float was jungle book they came 2nd .
There was a marching band which Dad really enjoyed . Hannah's float had artwork by the children .
Charlie Chaplin even turned up.
To top it of we had a fantastic meal prepared by Becky a mock Bar B Q With American produce sourced from ALDI a German company .

We even had cinnamon and Apple pie YUMMY
And finally as a surprise for my Dad we invited AJ over and they both had a fantastic time talking about days gone by,
This is Trimmed Tilly and Brave Billy .

I really have had a terrific day topped of with @7 our combined church service and then a call to pop and see Chris and Gem for a brew can't wait to see Liz and James this week.
I am so blessed to have fantastic children and a brilliant Dad. Hope your day was good whatever you did.

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