Friday, 9 July 2010


Hi there well I guess it is time for a pet update. Firstly let me introduce Thumper to you.
Thumper joined our family after a tragic first rabbit that Hannah bought died.
Thomas went out with Hannah and came back with him.
He is affectionatley known as Thumper the Dumper. I will leave you to guess why !
Surfice to say as the rabbit is a house rabbit Tilly has a good supply of warm  vegetable pellets .
Unfortunatley the potty training is not going well
And all the wires have been secured oh and a new phone cable purchased.I will leave you to guess why.

Before you call the RSPCA Tilly is not confined to a rabbit run she chooses to jump in to great Thumper .
They actually like each other and we have trained her to find the Rabbit when he is having his garden freedom.

And here is FAT AKA Em AKA Emerald AK oi you AKA pissy pants.
Her real name is Emerald Taylor and she does not really belong here having said that she is very settled and I will miss her when she returns to Becky & Carls.
 Well thats all folks have not snapped the other cats recently .

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