Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cup Cakes and Cards

Ok today was a day that had been in the planning for a while AJ as you know (sorry if your new here AJ is Aunt Jean who lives near Bridgnorth in Shropshire) joins in most of the events held by the Norton Ladies group.  One of the members has a daughter who is trying to raise money for an orhanage in Malawi. It was decided to hold a coffee evening in AJ's garden all good so far.

A marquee was to be erected by estate workers and all was planned , I had offered to provide some crafts and donate half to cause.

British weather being what it is it was decided to hold in village hall very sensible as the heavens opened .

Deviating slightly Becky was coming over today to spend time with friends from Tazmania's daughter who she had been at school with 16 years ago  Jenny and I spent a year being great friends.
Anyway I happened to say to Becky could she make a few cup cakes well as you can see she did a fab job.

Here is the down side hardly anybody turned up, I am sure it was down to the rain but even so it was very disapointing for the group.

This was agiant cupcake and went into the raffle  this picture does not do justice.

Anyway all who attended had a good time I bought 3 raffle tickets and won 2 prizes so all was not lost . I made £8 on cards  and donated all to charity.
Came home with cakes which will NOT be wasted or eaten by me.

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