Thursday, 26 August 2010

Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain......... Blue

Oh Help this sign reminds me of my life , does it you  ?
Forever going round in circles an not knowing what to do next thats me.
I am so easily sidetracked.
Today for instance I am  ( wrote this Tuesday) trying to clean the house, finish craft projects for AJ's coffee evening ( for Thurs)  make the house welcoming to guests and then go with another friend to collect daughters car and drop at her work place and finally do the rest of the day to day tasks.

Basically I am on this roundabout and got no idea where to start.

So I decided to drop daughter and son at work and walk the dog as we had this rare sight

I then spotted this boat and though how lovely to have a boat to meander along the canal at 4 miles per hour dreaming off......

Owning a proper canal boat and doing above in style.

Anyway enough day dreaming time to go home and start the days jobs. Could not park here for obvious reasons . I took this at a time when no one was about.
It really annoys me when people who are obviously not disabled park in these bays.

Then saw the 1st of about 10 charity shops and this sent me into apanic about my list from the begining of the holidays and on that list was sort stuff for charity shop oops not done.

Now this is one of my fav shops for those that do not know UK shops WHSmiths is a newsagents, stationary , books and toys , DVD's and CD selling shop I can spend hours there not this one as it is quite small.I used to love it as a child when I got a gift voucher for Christmas and Birthdays.

I incleded this as it reminds me that whilst at this moment in time I am excited with lots to do but there are people not far from me and around the world that are preparing to busy a loved one.
Christopher will along with his team mates be attending a funeral this week of a rugby team member who wa stragically killed last week.

Some things that are Blue in my life is this car It served me well but needs to be moved from my drive.I will say no more as I do not want to spoil my positive day.

Next I spotted another room to tidy the utility room is home to the animals at night and this is an old duvet cover that now keeps said animals cozy.

This pot had a lovely plant in it until I caused it's untimely death it is now home to my precious Felcos and gardening gloves

Tissues now these have been a standard iem in this home for years I hate the thought of washing someones hanky. Having said that I used to do Ians and lovingly iron them .

This teapot also has a cup and saucer and was a gift from one of my fab daughters one Christmas.Great for  a cup of Earl Grey

These above and below Pics where putchased  from Whittards tea 
My friend Carolyn and I both bought a set and I love them.

Now strictly speaking this is not blue but does have blue on it. It is my Kutani Crane dinner service . AJ gave it to me early instead of waiting to leave me it in her will.
I use it and cherish it and am always looking for bits to add to it.

This is a useful  fruit, salad, trifle bowl

Saw this lying around in a study that needs a quick tidy

Now those of you readers with children will know that along with socks in the wash cycle  Pens have the habbit of dissapearing

Onto  crafting thse punches are very useful

These are two of the notice boards I am maling for AJ's coffee evening

This cutter is brilliant small but nifty.

Ok time to post the blue blog

Oh one last thing if you have any time please pop to visit our teacher Jenny , She is great always gives us an A+ .
Have a great week .


Ann said...

Wow! I was in a whirl from the start - you have been so busy - great blog
Happy Blue week

H said...

I totally agree about the disabled parking spaces. It riles me every time I see an able bodied person abusing a space intended for the dsabled person who needs it!!

Great post. Love the narrow boats!

Kat said...

Glad that you found some blue sky Tracy. I would be happy to have a gray one now and again if it meant we would get some rain! You picked some great blues, sounds like you are having a very busy week.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

What does the blue circle sign mean?

Nora Johnson said...

Hi again Tracy!

I love every single image you've posted - so many bring back warm memories of the UK! Like those stamps and WH Smith (How I miss that & other high street shops like Boots!!)

Hope the rain eases off for you for Bank Holiday Weekend!And thanks for stopping by too.

XOXO LOLA & Nora:)
PS Was wondering what sort of dog you have?!

Sue said...

Nice blue blog. And I love seeing the photos from England. And the teapots and inherited china.


AliLilly said...

I love this!! I love that sign too! I think I want one for my house! I love LOVE LOOOOVE those tea pot sets! I so have a thing for tea pots. When I was little my grandma always made us tea and I had my very own special cup and saucer! :)

I was stopping by tho to tell you that I am doing a giveaway and you should come check it out!! :)

RNSANE said...

What a delight blue post for this Alphabe Thursday. I felt like I was on a wonderful visit to England, with my friends from Rye. We met in 1997 when we were tablemates on a southeast Asian cruise and have been friends ever since. At the time, he was a 747 pilot with British Air and she worked part time as a hospice nurse. We have visited back and forth several time since and, twice, they've met me in Barcelona for a few days!!

They used to own a 14th century manor house in Godalming, Surrey
( for 20 years ) and now have a 15th century farmhouse in Rye.

I love visiting them and feel like I'm living English history. They have tried, in vain, to teach me to make a "proper" cup of tea!!!

Mumsy said...

Wow..gorgeous blue post! Beautiful pictures also..

Brenda said...

That was a lot of blues! I hope you got everything done that needed done!

Pondside said...

What a lot of beautiful blues in your everyday life. I hope that blue car moves soon!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Wow! Lots of blue here :o)

I feel the same as your roundabout sign! Forever going around in circles! (I am still trying to catch up on last week's green posts! thank you for stopping by last week!)
Lovely shops...sorry to hear of the rugby team member...

great notice boards...did you make them?

Blessings & Aloha!

Jenny said...

Tracy, such lovely blues! All of them. My favorite is your little pale blue and white teapot. That is so different!

This was such an energetic and fun stop on our little journey through Rainbow Summer School.


Since you worked so hard I am going to give you an


Thank you for linking.

Melinda Cornish said...

lots of blue things....My favorite is the roundabout sign...I feel like that a lot too.......


Well, I love all your blue photos. I enjoyed perusing your blog and getting to know you a little.