Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A day well spent................

Ok 10 years ago this month we moved into this home. It had a spacious but no room for a car garage and was basically a blank canvas. Well like most rooms in the home has undergone changes , shelves have been added then more and then junk and a fridge and a freezer then a fridge went else where . Last year Becky and Carl put loads of boxes in there abd graduallthe space has become minimal. Now I am 90% responsable for this  I admit. So today Adam and I started after a hearty breakfast of porridge the mamoth task of tidying .
I decided to take a photo after some clutter had been cleared.
Trust me it was WORSE.

After a couple of hours we had got to this stage

And then finally I took this at 8pm tonight
The left hand side has to be sorted a bit more so that all the things I am collecting for a carboot sale can be in one place

One or rather several good tins of paint have been found so I will be dashing away with the roller soon.
Ok off to bed now well after a cammomile tea to calm me down


Jo said...

it is utterly amazing how much stuff we collect over the years ... you have done a wonderful job, good luck with your sale and with your painting!

H said...

Amazingly, ours is still reasonably tidy after our mammoth clear out back in whichever month it was (April??). It made it so much easier to sort out the camping stuff before New Wine.