Saturday, 21 August 2010

New Beginnings Fresh Starts

As  many of us wait for the new term to start I have to share with you about Adam.

Adam John Meadows.
Apart from the fact that he supports Manchester United ( he even got his first season ticket yesterday)
Adam has been part of this family since birth almost.
Adam's Mum sadly died December 08 and since then has been a bigger part of our family.
Now he would be the first to admit this has been a mega white nuckle ride for all concerned.
I mean give me a break teenagers are hard at the best of times, couple that with all the rest that has been going on in our respective lives.

Anyway enough waffle  ( no AJ I am not going to eat one) . This last few months have been a series of what ifs.
What if youy dont get grades for uni?
What if you don't get to college in Manchester?
What if you stayed here in Market Drayton and tried a local six form college to retake some A levels.
All these were greeted by NO I AM GOING TO GET A FLAT IN TRAFFORD.

Ok so much prayer later and oodles of declining patience Thursday arrived and for those not in the know that is revelation day of A level results.
The night before Adam was stressed as were zillions of other teenagers around this country.

Anyway I had a plan a cunning plan , I called my amazing friend Susie Buxton and put forward my proposal.
It was accepted with excitement .
All I told Adam was that after he had results we were heading off out for the day , no clues as to where , ok so I might have teased him that it was at a very high point in Shropshire and I might have lead him to believe that we were walking up to said highest point.

I had decided that if we stayed home it would be a day of grumpiness and frustration and thats just me .

Anyway results arrived and they were not as hoped  and an offer for uni was not forthcoming.
Adam started trying UCAS but busy all the time.
Anyway we headed of for thThe Buxton home in OSwestry  and basically had a brilliant time.
My Great Niece Mya had fun with Alfie , I had a great time with James, Susie and a very pregnant Steph bought material for craft projects and came home.

When home Adam made a few calls any way enough to say that Adam is starting at Crewe Campus on 21st September same course different campus.
I would add that I started the dau by praying for Adam and his comment was what ever , by the end of the day he was saying wow prayer can work and yes we did say thank you .

Needless to say Adamis now bouncing around and has been transformed from a stroppy sulky scared teenager to a young man who is looking forward to the future. Oh yes and yesterday he applied for a Man utd season ticked and got one.
I wonder what is in store for today?


Josh Healy said...

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H said...

Well done Adam. Delighted you got sorted young man! Mark got his results too. Not quite as good as he expected, but good enough to get him into the Uni he wanted. Come Sept 21st, when you are heading to Crewe, Mark will be heading to the Uni of Cumbria, Penrith campus. Exciting times :)

Jenny said...

Congratulations to Adam! What a lovely, happy-ending post!