Thursday, 19 August 2010

Richard Of York Gained Battle in Vain.... Green


like all colours Green comes in many shades and shapes and sizes.
I am very fortunate and here we seem to have the right amount of rain and sun to keep this country very Green

I know us Brits always moan because we have no sun or we moan because we have to much rain, but do you know something I am so thankful that I live here . Especially at this time when Parkistan is drowning under the rain and parts of the world are burning because of the sun.
For the last few weeks I have been snapping away to keep to my promise to only use my own photographs on this Rainbow summer school.
This was a park I went to outside Halifax there was an abundance of green around me .
 A mass of hostas
Coloving watching these trees develope over the year . And then come Suptember trying to find a couple of good conkers .nkers I just
Mr Nosey now I am nosey I admit it . Well I am sorry I like to know whats going on
Candles now there is ( in my opinion ) nothing nicer that sitting in a room in the evening with candles flickering and a glass of wine.
Peace Lillies are my preferred gift if I go to visit someone to me they are a symbol of Peace such a simple plant .
I took this just because it it was green.
now who here was not reminded of the christmas tree?
Now lots of green food exits and is very good for us and somehow tastes much better if picked from your own garden or supplied by a wonderful AJ
I took this close up in my friends garden when I had been invited round for afternoon tea.
This plant is in AJ's garden and I love it . It is from Architectual plants in Sussex and just a stunning plant I especially love the galvanised bucket and simple white stone.
Now I can ve accused of getting into this sometimes
Now I have to admit I can not remember where I took this but is a prime example of parks around this lovely country.
I have to say this is my favourite photo of the year . My cat was intently looking at the pot and on closer inspection I noticed this coming out I snapped away and have a whole series of the catterpillar . It reminds me of my Favourite childrens story You know the one I mean..

This water was so green and beautiful

I just loved the green shades on this stinging nettle

Well thats all folks I would go and relax with a green tea but really dislike it
See you next week
I am off to school now to read all the other links and green offerings.


Nora Johnson said...

Hi again!

Love the green in the hostas, peace lily, stinging nettle and caterpillar! All different shades!

Have a great weekend,


PS My AlphabeThursday Green is posted if you can stop by… HERE!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We got a peace lily delivered to the hospital when we had JDaniel. It has been a struggle to keep it green. I love to think of trying to keep both the lily and JDaniel thriving as my daily challenge.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Lovely green pics..

I like sitting with a lit candle and a glass of wine also. It's the perfect end to a hectic day!

Christy said...

gorgeous green photos...the caterpillar one is amazing...can't believe the cat didn't try and catch it!

Terra said...

I just love the little miss and mr books...thanks for the reminder...


I loved all your green photos! I also read your bio when I saw how many kids were in the photo. I have 4 adult children too...along with 4 spouse children....4 on the way. Your family looks fun. I am going through my house drawer by out the rubbish too. And trust me, I have lots of junk. Sort of a hoarder but not in a bad way. I am sentimental to the max. So, I have decided that if I don't LOVE it and it wasn't something handed down to is going out! I wish you luck. HOpe you are better at it than I am.

H said...

Yay - You've captured some great greens here. Very English :)

Jo said...

oh lovely post, that catepillar is just so cute ... they are adorable! and i know what you mean about the too much rain ...

Jenny said...

Tracy, you have certainly captured a wealth of green with your talented camera!

The caterpillar picture is really fascinating. But I liked all the pictures!

Thank you for linking!

I hope things are going well for you!


Melinda Cornish said...

green is one of my favorite colors......your photos are great...I really like the caterpillar....even though he eats the green.

Susan said...

AWESOME pics! Great green post, I especially liked the caterpillar :) Hope kitty didn't eat him.