Thursday, 2 September 2010

Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain........ INDIGO

Ok this is my offering for Indigo it's the best I could do. I was driving to TalyBont on Tuesday at stupid Oclock  and called into the croissant on the corner shop ( Co Op) as I had promised to arrive at camp with Continental Breakfast . As I pulled out of cat park Isaw this and though aha perfect photo opportunity for Thursday summer school.

This week has really caused me a problem as there were no indico colours anywhere even Jeans were not proper Indigo.

Anyway enjoy off to vist Class now and see what others have offered do join me.


H said...

Nice one Tracy. I didn't post for indigo because I'm in the middle of another series on a Yorkshire trip and nothing I had would fit. I'll visit some of the others tho :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This was a tough post! Glad you found this shop.

Nora Johnson said...

So with you on this one - it was really difficult!

Like the shop though!

Have a great weekend,


btw My Rainbow Indigo link is here

Jo said...

i love those little coincidences in life ... you found this little sign at just the right time!!!

Jingle said...


Catherine said...

Love that photo! :)

signed...bkm said...

Now that is different...Indigo Diva....nice...bkm

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you must think we spend every waking moment with Chuck and Trish! Sadly, we saw them last Saturday (for Chucks birthday) and that was the first time we've seen them since May!! Jack is very hesitant to visit, as the new dog, Sassy, doesn't like kids much. In fact, when we went to visit them yesterday, Sassy bit both Riley and Cooper (she has also bit Morgan, Keegan and Kalani!) I hate that we don't see them very often, but with the dog and our busy schedules, that's the way it goes. Glad to hear about Lizzy, I'm sure she's excited!

Jenny said...

Still laughing at: stupid Oclock

What a great snarky description!

I think your Rainbow Summer School link is perfect!

And how fortunate you saw it just in the nick of time!

Great link!




I am guessing stupid o'clock is early. From now on...I am using that phrase. That made me laugh. Also, you are a woman after my own heart to count down to Christmas. Love Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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