Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Catch up time

Ok firstly where have the last 6 weeks gone?

I returned to school today and we were all saying the same.

Couple of weeks ago on Saturday centus I had to say in 100 words what I had done over the holidays . If interested go  here and read up it's only short.
Anyway let me begin . on Saturday a number of femails headed to Blackpool, now this is not the 5 star Seaside town of Britain infact if it reaches 1 star I would be amazed. What it is however is the hen party capital . Gemma and her bridesmaids decided that this was the place to celebrate and celebrate they did .
Christophers future Mother in Law and Gemma
Ok I know it is not the done thing but I am sure Chris wont be reading this but here is Gemmas dress sh dont tell anyone.

You may have gathered that there was a military theme  to our dress code.

All I will say is all went well everyone had a good time and I went nto a nightclub only the 2nd time in my life.

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