Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Saturday Centus...................18

Here we are again another 100 word challenge from Jenny the wordmaster.
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It was a dark and stormy night,I was going to be late for work , the new term was starting in 9 hours I'm lost how can I get help my mobile is dead. The voice from Dad's Army keeps playing in my head “Doomed your Doomed” the Scottish accent scaring me . I got lost on what was supposed to be a last lingering walk before bed and now I am sat crying new term new job everything going for me yes right out the window at this rate. I suddenly heard it, a bell ringing I woke with a start my alarm was Ringing


This is for information only and is not part of the centus. just incase anyone thinks I might be cheating .

For those not familiar with English TV Dad's Army was a 30 minute show based on the Home guard during the war. One charachter Private James Frazer  was Scottish and was known to repeat this your Doomed  maybe he did not say it that often but I remember it and it fitted with my dream.


Terra said...

Ohhhh, a dream! Love it. I also appreciated the background information because I was little lost for a moment..but I made it work even before I got to the background info!!!!

H said...

Dad's Army :)

Still hilarious after all of these years!

Anonymous said...

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Jenny said...

I appreciated the background info Tracy. Although I thought the story worked great on its own as a dream sequence. Thanks for linking. You always have such a unique take on the prompts.

Kat said...

Oh, don't you just hate dreams like that! Nice use of the prompt, and thanks for the background on the show!

Bookie said...

Yes, background info helped...I was going a whole other way with that... A dream sequence...haven't we all had such deep sleeps on "dark and stormy nights"!

Sue said...

Thank for the background info; I was interpreting in the wrong direction, but it was still working for me.

Even better now that I know what Dad's Army is.


~Lissa said...

I actually like dreams like this because then I know to avoid ending up in that situation. Like I'll triple check my phone is charged. It's the dreams where I go through the day and plow through all the hard stuff only to wake up and realize I have to do it all again, that I hate.

Really nice take on the SC!