Thursday, 9 September 2010

Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain........Violet

Ok this weeks offering is my daughter Hannah Frances Ianthe

Ianthe (English translation: "purple or violet flower") was a name attributed to three figures in Greek mythology

We well I came up with the name Ianthe as I was lying on the sofa waiting to go into hospital the next day to have Hannah.
I was messing with names and thought I would never have a name for the baby if it was a girl.
Initially i thought I had made it up as the first part Ian is obviously her fathers name and The is an abbreviation for Theresa wich is where Tracy comes from.
But alas I can not take credit as I was trawling through a name book when I stumbled upon the name.

As well as flower it is the shortened version of Iolanthe queen of the fairies and  the feminin of Ian . what more could we want . I wanted to give it as a first name but wa snot allowed.

This is Hannah and her Sister Liz

I had to include this picture of my Beautiful great Niece Mya who is wearing a lovely Lilac coloured sweater.
And yet another sweet photo of her

My final picture this week of some buttons that I was sorting and there amongst them all are two violet ones.
Spealing of buttons are you a button collector?
I find it fascinating to thing of the stories a button could tellif it could talk.
These buttons came from my Godmother.

Well as we near the end of summer school I will be taking a quick peak around the rest of the classes offerings hope you can join me. I know The Teacher Jenny will be thrilled .


Jo said...

oh i do collect buttons ... i just love them ... your post was totally enjoyable and interesting ... loved the photos!

Splendid Little Stars said...

fun to hear the story of how you chose your daughter's name! Mya is a cutie!
I don't collect buttons per se, but I do have a collection of buttons that would be considered vintage.

Teresa said...

What a fascinating name for you daughter. I just love it. Have no idea how you pronounce it, but I love it!

Pondside said...

What a beautiful name your daughter has. I think it's always best to give a child a name she can grow into and be proud of - something that implies grace - your daughter's does.

Anna said...

Never heard of the name Ianthe. Lovely name for a girl (and so appropriate for today's post)! Your girls are very pretty. I like the purple striped shirt on Mya.
And as a button-collector myself, I just adore your grandmother's buttons!
Best wishes,
Anna's Rainbow Violet

H said...

I didn't know Hannah's 2nd middle name was Ianthe. It's lovely! Good choice :)

Jingle said...

fabulous ...

jeff campbell said...

Such a wonderful story...cute girls...after you finish with your buttons would you come and sort mine? Peace and blessings

Jenny said...

Beautiful girls of every age in this little stop on our journey through Rainbow Summer Schools color Violet.

Tracy, you have a lovely family. I see where they get their beauty from!

And buttons. Oh, buttons are such a treasure.

Thanks for linking.