Saturday, 11 December 2010

K is for ....... from Edenhouse

Jenny over at Alphabet Thursday is now upto the Letter K , I am afraid I skipped class last week as my son was getting married , and no I did not have a letter from my Dad you will just have to trust me. Do pop by and see what the rest of the class have to offer , it is normally a very worthwhile read.

Ok so what comes to mind with this letter ?

Kris kringle of course in the original Miracle on 34th Street

Almost the same shot

This is one of my favourite films .

Next it will have to be Kittens

 I am totally jealous of these two kittens

 This is George

 And this is Monty they are Liz and James's kittens

They came to stay last weekend .

Kitchens are my next thought , now \i have a super sized kitchen that serves the purpose for cooking very well only snag is that we can't eat inh it. This lead me to day dreaming about the sort of kitchen I would love . I have to say friends of mine who used to live in Derbyshire had the best ever kitchen , it had the dinnig room attached with an amazing wheel with hooks on susbended from the kitchen .

I then came accross this picture and decided I loved it so thats it this is my dream kitchen , with a seperate dining room of course.

I then would be very remiss if I did not put up a photo of my favourite cousin  Kathe.
I love her so much we are similar in lot's of ways. And she has the most amazing Mother  who is like a second mother as well as Aunt

Well thats all folks I am off to clean my kitchen


Katherine said...

Why thank you!

H said...

Very sweet kittens, but unfortunately, they make me wheeze and sneeze. I blame Ben. Or maybe Salt and Pepper, as it was through them that I discovered my allergy.

Jo said...

that is a whole lot of interesting K's ... that kitchen is gorgeous, mind if i share your dream kitchen?