Saturday, 11 December 2010

Wedding Post 3

This is a collection of photographs taken by Helen or myself from around the venue and before the wedding .
A sneak peek into the reception room

Discarded butohole abandoned wine and cider

One of the wonderful Christmas flower arrangements

These were the main flowers form Gemma's boquet I was able to help Kath ( Gemma's Mum) on Friday with the flowers

What a site abandoned mulled wine

The view from the drawing room

My bag

Another stunning view

My Flowers from Chris and Gemma

These are very specila Chrysanthanums from Kath's house in memory of her parents

Chinese latern with the Bride and Grooms wishes attached

Ok not a flattering photo but I thought my corsage was lovely !!!
Actually it's Gemma's boquet

Bridesmaids boquet

Well I guess that is the end of my postings on Christophers wedding Unless of course I get some more stuning photos

 I spotted this as I was leaving the hotel last Sunday
Ben decorating their car how tasteful what happened to good old cans, shaving foam , conffetti and a kipper in the exhaust.

One of the fab christmas trees

This was a lovely surprise from Chris & gemma they gave me one of the table decorations
and these are my flowers

 And finally a wilting corsge


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