Saturday, 15 January 2011

Geordie Guy

Less than 2 months ago I used hthis blog to write a tribute to my Mother in law, today I  am writing one for my own father

Today I am  paying tribute to Robert  Peter Elsdon , some of you know him as Bob I obviously call him Dad others Uncle Robert but many people especially his 4 Grandchildren call him Beauty Grandad he often signed his cards to his grandchildren "me"

Dad was beauty grandad to all his grandchildrens friends many Still ask after him

Dad was a true Geordie being born in North shields on march 18th 1929.

We  all have your own memories of him Margaret and Arthur his brother and sister I am sure could tell  many tails of their childhood years, knowing the twinkle in his eye I am sure there was much mischief
He also had a Brother in law Tony and 4 sisters in law Pat Jean Irene and Sandra

Ann Lyn and Tony his nieces and nephew had a wonderful relationship with "Uncle Robert" and Dad always excitedly told me when any of his 9 great nieces and nephews were born, and his 5 Great Great nieces.

Until July 2009 dad was living in peterborough where he had lots of friends and a great number of local clubs to visit playing on cribbage teams plus family that were important to him.

It was hard to make the decision to move him to congleton I know it was very hard for his Peterborough family but it has been wonderful being able to visit so often and for him to see his grandchildren so often.

Becky and Carl saw him almost daily due to her working at the same care home, Liz and james came down almst weekly from Leeds, And Hannah and Chris came regualarly as well . I would at this time like to say thank you to the staff at the laurels care home in congleton there he received wonderful care and was extremely happy especially when black pudding was introduced to the breakfast menu. It was good to have Becky working there to keep an extra eye on him.

Since moving to congleton Dad has enjoyed trips out for lunch ,dinner ,visits to Market Drayton where he was able to see Chris and Gemma in their home and have fun times at the family home.Dad also travelled up to Leeds to see liz and james new home. As well as birthday celebrations and afternoon trips to Becky and Carl's home, so all in all I think he enjoyed his brief time in the midlands.

For the last 25 years his greatest role has been being a grandfather . It was with some trepidation that I asked him if he fancied having a grandchild I will never forget the look on his face when he said yes and that he would be the best grandad ever ,he was.

He practiced on Becky and by the time liz arrived Becky had obviously heard "my little beauty" many times one day when we went to meet him of the coach and introduce liz to him Becky called out "Beauty Grandad" needless to say it has stuck ever since.

I will not insult the Geordies here by trying an impression of beauty obviously the children have always known him as Beauty Grandad end rarely call him anything else

Next came Christopher and dad was thrilled when we gave him the middle name "Robert "

They had many football conversations with BG trying very hard to convert Chris from being a Man united fan to being a Newcastle fan didn't work.

When Hannah arrived he had perfected the art of spoiling,loving and discipling in his own unique way with the ever present twinkle in his eye.

He was always interested in their other halves Carl James Gemma and Tom, and he was as much their Beauty Grandad.
What Dad missed out on my childhood he more than made up for with his grandchildren and I will be forever thankful that they had a brilliant Beauty Grandad.

He was so excited to attend Becky and Carls wedding in 2007 and Christopher and Gemma's
last December, he was also looking forward to Elizabeth and James wedding next year no pressure Hannah

I could not finish without mentioning Beryl my mum and Bobs beautiful wife they were not married for long before she sadly died in 1979 but I know she was never far from his mind On Christmas day we were talking about her and how much he missed her. I now hope that they are together enjoying each others company

Bye dad love you loads


H said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad Tracey. Lovely tribute!

JC&F, Winsford said...

Great tribute to your Dad Tracy he sounds like a lovely man. Keep remembering the happy times xx

Katherine said...

How lovely Tracy, I'm so very sorry. Wish I could be with you, but very glad you have Auntie Jean by your side. Will never forget my "Uncle Bob". Love you..Kathe

Jenny said...

Oh Tracey, I am so very sorry to hear this.

Please accept my long distance prayers and hugs during this sad time.

What a beautiful and touching eulogy you shared here.