Thursday, 13 January 2011

N is for ........................ Edenhouse offering

Wow it has been ages since I contributed to Alphabet Thursday but I am back ( wasted comment if no one reads it)
Now N is a very interesting letter as I found out from reading here , I was going to be all clever and give you some facts but decided if you were really interested you could click the link.

Ok so what does N mean to me in my life ? well to start with there would be my Nanna ( Deceased now) without her and my Granddad  of course I would not be here. She was called Dorothy  ( I know that does start with N)  hwe birthday was 4 days before mine so I always think of her in January.

Next would be Nicola I know a few all special people in my life called Nicola.


I first experienced Mexican food in Spokane and have been hooked ever since .
We are having Chilli tonight and Hannah prefers Nachos to rice. I don't do all the melted cheese tho have to think of the weight loss ( or gain if I ate it )


I really love the sea look, maybe it is because I spent the first 18 years of my life on the Norfolk coast  and that with many seaside visits I just love the sea. I love the clean cut look of nautical fashion
My Ultimate dream would be to go on a cruise.

My nest 2 offerings are from Literature Peter pan in Never Never land.  and The Chronicles of Narnia

I had both of these as a child and whilst I did not understand the full deep meaning of Narnia I enjoyed the escapism that it offered  a chance to dream of places far away.
I went to see the last film with AJ a couple of weeks ago .

OK now I am changing the tone

I do not really like the word HATE  but I have to say I do have a pet hate and that is the word NICE


Nice biscuits they are yummy

Nor do I mean a beautiful city in Southern France .

No I mean the word Nice
It is used everyday  by adults and children alike , it is perfectly suitable but please it is so boring. there are so many wonderfully descriptive words in the English language  that would give such a better view.
At work the children know that I really dislike the word and are regularly to be heard saying nice nice nice to me , humour in chidren don't you just love it.

Any way thats the end of my rant I am off to enjoy the rest of the new year .

please pop in and see jenny matlock over at alphabet Thursday and see what others have to offer


Lola said...

Wonderful post, Tracy!

Love all Mexican food too!

XOXO Lola:)

★Mumsy★ said...

I love the sea too, but have been away from it for more than 20 years..Love all the N "thingy" in your post!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Now I can't say this is a nice post. I will say it is a wonderful post and I would love one of those cookies.

Sue said...

How about neat?
Can I call this a neat post??


Judie said...

I have such a weakness for nachos! It is one of my favorite comfort foods.

What a NICE post!!

paige said...

Great post! Sadly, the thing that stood out with me most was nachos. :)

Teresa said...

This is just a NIFTY post! So much fun.

Jo said...

interesting post ... my view on Nice is so very different from yours ... it is interesting how we all react to words differently and have our fave words and those that are not so fave to use.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

It's the stripes and the sailor's collar that I like the most about the nautical look. Because I'm short and squat, I've never worn horizontal stripes. Now, that I'm old, that's out the window. :-)

H said...

Nicely done Tracey. OOOPS! :p

Actually, I also make a point of banning 'nice' from children's writing.

Pondside said...

Tracey, I missed you!
It was nice to see your name pop up on the list!
Lots of good 'n's' here - especially that Nice cookie - it's one of my favorites too.

Jenny said...

So nice to see you here linked to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "N"!


Sorry, I couldn't resist.

How have you been girl? I need to read some other posts and see what you've been up to!

Thanks for linking up! It was a nifty post for sure!