Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Finishing last year and starting this one

Ok I have just uploaded some photos from my camera to PC and thought I would post some omn here just to end  2010 .
Ok I know it has finished already but I have been a bit preoccupied ( Long story and not for here )

Ok well apart from Christmas we also celebrate Elizabeths birthday in December. This time we went to see Robinson Crusoe pantomime and altho Chris and Gem could not join us as they were on Honeymoon and BG was unwell, we still All managed to have a fab time . It was especially good as AJ joined us as well
On Christmas morning we woke up to the lovely stockings left by Santa and then AJ headed home with the dogs.

Next came my birthday
when I opened the curtains this is what I saw
It looked just like birthday candles ( ok I have a good imagination)

On the saturday we headed over to Becky & Carls for a birthday tea

I had to post this of my adorable great nieces

And here is Thumper the most spoilt rabbit in the universe

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Jenny said...

Oh Tracy. What lovely pictures. You know, I think I put an 'e' in your name in my other comments...I'm sorry for that.

Thumper must be the cutest bunny in the world for sure.

And such lovely pictures of eeryone else, too.