Wednesday, 12 January 2011

January is almost half way over

Ok I have had a birthday so am now double one of my daughters ages, have survived 3/4 of my life without a Mum ( not easy but had some special people to help me on the way) and am in the process of loosing mega lbs not £s did that when I had to have the car fixed.

I am not making new years resolutions as that to me is like making a promise and as I hader making a promise and not keeping it I would be setting myself up for a failure.

Instead I am setting Targets

As you can see this image has holes from where the arrows have missed the bullseye. My aim with my targets is to be in the red/yellow areas . Blue is worst case scenario
 lose a further 35lb            
   Loose a further 28lb                 
   lose a further 14lb

keep the whole house tidy  
 Keep shared areas tidy              
 no tidynes 

Craft weekly                      
 craft monthly                             
 craft as needed

excersise daily                    
 excersise every other day          
excersise weekly  

blogg daily                        
 blogg every other day               
blogg weekly   

Read Bible daily                 
every other day                        

De clutter  now this will either happen or not there is not really a half way

well that is it for my targets this year . I will reveiw part way through the year and again at the end of the year and see what I have reached . No excuses just trying my best . And really that is all I can do .

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