Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Banoffe Pie

Last Thursday  I was visiting a friend who is a fab cook and working with pamperedchef as a demonstrator , She was telling me about these fab pies she makes.

I immediatley thought yummy Hannah's party . So here is my version

Ok  now for evaluation . They tasted ok but the chunk of chocolate on top was way to thick. Ali makes them in mini pastry cases I used Jam tart sized. She uses chocolate buttons and I assumed that as mine were bigger a chunk of chocolate would be ok but it was not. They dried out instead of melted.
Having said this they were super easy and quick  to make  only taking 30 minutes from start to finish .

I had the oven at 120 , what was great was there was no measuring/weighing not even any pastry rolling until the end when I had to reshape the left overs.

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H said...

Whenever anyone says Banoffee pie, I always think of you, not particularly for these mini versions, but because the first time I ever had banoffee pie was at your house AND IT WAS TO DIE FOR!!! I'm drooling, just thinking about it!!!