Monday, 28 February 2011

Over 40 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Heck I am soon to be over fifty . While I was checking on regulat blogs and updating my site I found this blog nevergrowingold and having had  a facebook chat with my cousin who is over 50 I thoughy MM lets take a peak.
Never Growing Old
Whilst I am not Bhudist I do like the saying.
So I am adding this to my to follow list . I wont stop by every day but I will visit every now and again. As I do the other blogs I follow.

I have just read some interesting contriutions from other over 40's

Now as I sit and think about  my baby who turned 20 yesterday I am reminded of what I was doing when I was 20 . I was a nanny in Worcester having just returned from nannying in Spokane.
Now I have two of my children married one engaged and one at home.
What next I wonder?
Will I be blessed to be a grandmother , then that causes me a problem I am 48 and do not feel old enough to be called grandma,granny, nanny, nana . I would like a fun young name heck I am not even expecting a grandchild yet but ever since my Dad was  christened beauty grandad by his Grandchildren I have wanted a cool name like him.
Well no need to think about it yet I am sure when the time comes it will all become clear.

Now that my children are out of their teen years I would love to go on a world adventure , there are so many amazing places in this world and I would love to see them.
Lets see where would I go

  • Spokane
  • Florida
  •  Taj Mahal
  •  Pyramids
  •  A desert
  •  Rain forest
  • Niagra falls
  • Grand canyon
  • sydney opera house
  • Ireland
  • China
  • Malaysia
Ok these ae just names of things/places but they have within them the same struggles as we have here to a lesser or greater degree  . Realistically I will not see many of these on my wish list but if I just sit back and think right this is my lot I will end up ageing quicly and become a boring person . I have no intention of doing that and so have started ( thanks Steph & Alfie) my piggy bank saving I know I will visit Spokane again and hopefully Florida and the rest well the research will be good.
 I will leave my forties kicking and screaming and hopefully arrive in my fifties graciously ready for the challenges and adventures ahead of me.


H said...

Being over 50 is no sweat! Just keep doing what you are already doing and grab every good opportunity life throws your way. (Plus, make a few of your own!)

Stephanie L. Parker said...

I liked thinking a bit about where I would want to visit, too. I have never been out of the United States. As for eventually becoming a grandma, my guess is that when it happens you may not even care what you are called, because the present of having a grandchild will definitely out-weight the idea of being older. Just my 2 cents... :)