Sunday, 27 February 2011

What do you get if......................?

What do you get is a funny blog title I know but here is the question again
what do you get if you put  5 cooks , 2 Taylors and a Singleton in a house together ?

Easy an instant


Unfortunatley there was a Sutcliffe missing as he had to work.  We were gathered to celebrate Hannah's 20th birthday .

Yesterday Hannah and Tom had a day in Wales and then came home to start the party.

Cake curtesy of Becky

It was a beautiful marble cake with Icing, chocolate fingers and Chocolate dipped marshmallows ( Hannah's favourite)  and then Winnie The Pooh candles and figures.

There was alot of this

And this


Tom and Carl went outside to light the brazier

and then there were the


And sitting around the fire.
All Hannah wanted to eat was Hot dogs how easy was that for me.
The rest was Drinks .

Today we started with a super breakfast
Sauasage Pancakes Bacon egg and syrup
I was very good and had 1 of each oops I lie I had 2 pancakes

This was then followed by birthday cake although not eaten by anyone.

Chris and Gem

Becky and Carl

Liz,Hannah, Tom ,Becky,Carl, Gemma & Chris
Ready for their trip to Manchester Chill Factor

Boy enjoying the speed of the Luge ice slide

This is what they will be doing

So thats about it till they get home and tell me all about it


H said...

I can't believe that your 'baby' is 20! Happy birthday Hannah! :)

Jessica said...

Tracy I love your family! They seem like so much fun:) BTW Chocolate Covered Marshmellows!!! AHH Totally my favorite too!!! Hannah knows whats gooood:)