Thursday, 24 February 2011

Alphabet Thursday from Eden house

Jenny  is holding another Alphabet Thursday diffinatley worth a visit if you have some spare time.
Now Time that begins with T and links very well with todays letter of the alphabet

This is the kind of picture I would love to colour in but thats another story

Well I could chat about me after all I begin with T but nah if you know me you won't want to be bored if you don't know me that ask and I will say who I am.
I could then talk about

no not green hills and valleys but

ok here is another clue

no I am not secret drug user


by tghe way Kath what tea am I bringing over?
Ah one of my best experiences was when I was in Spokane in Washington staying with my aunt and we had an afternnon tea party it was amazing ,
we had good tea , cakes scones sandwiches and good bone china ( most important)  .
Sorry I am getting side tracked like our Teacher Jenny .

But no today I am sharing my pets with you , I know pets begins with P .
The pets in our home all begin with T
Firstly there is


she is a sweet shy tabby who if in the mood and can get any where near me loves to lie snuggled purring like a traction engine. She has recently taking to drinking my water during the night .

Next comes Tootsie  also known as twirly tail as she has spina bifida and her tail curles like a pigs. She takes prime location on the bed much to my next pets disgust.

That would be Tilly my recently trimmed terrific dog.

Tilly was a kind of rescue well more rehomed and has bought me so much pleasure

Then we  ( well Hannah ) have a house rabbit . Now when he arrived my only stipulation was that his name had to begin with 'T ' and so he is Thumper.
Thumper is a house rabbit that uses a litter tray  eats treats at the coffee table whilst sitting on a tiny chair  and lies with the dog while she grooms him .


So as you can see there are lot's of teas going on in my house . Must dash as off to a friends for a cup of tea


RedTedArt said...

Oh my! So many pets in your house whose name start with T! Terrific!

Theresa said...

Great T post! Enjoyed the pet pics lots! I've never seen a bunny eat that!

hip-chick said...

Very sweet pet pictures. I was in London last august and saw Twinings tea. I was with my mum though and didn't get to go in.

Sue said...

Great T stuff. I especially love your little menagerie!


RNSANE said...

What a menangerie you have! They all seem to get along prety well which is so nice...but where do you sleep in that bed?

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful collection of pets!

Pondside said...

Fingers crossed that all the snow is gone by the time you make your way to Spokane. What will your pets do without you?

Teresa said...

Love all your T pets. They are so adorable.

Jo said...

oh my goodness, what wonderful t's ...

Ames said...

I was given a Stash tea bag in a Christmas card last year and now I am hooked on Stash tea. Love drinking it hot or cold. Adorable fur children!~Ames

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Neat pets you have. The photo of Thumper eating from the plate is great. We used to have a yellow parakeet who would eat from his own plate at the dining table with us. Sigh. I miss the guy.

Judie said...

What wonderful pets! My daughter had a house rabbit for a while. She was so sweet!
My son's cat would only drink from a water glass. My little Yorkie, Lizzie, loves white wine, and I have to really watch her around my wine glass at night. It's a serious no-no for dogs!!

Jingle said...

amazing t words..

Greetings, Happy Firday! Blessings…

Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
Thanks for the support, You Rock!

H said...

I like the idea of a house rabbit. Doesn't she chew through wires? I seem to remember that the two owned by the Kendricks used to.

Vicki aka Jake said...

My Tea of choice is Chi...became addicted to it in Boston :)
Cute T's ya have here!

Natasha said...

Ah, there is nothing like a nice strong cup of tea! Wish I could have one with you but let's have a virtual cuppa instead! Cheers!

Best wishes,

Jenny said...

Oh Tracy!

So many terrific T's in this little stop for Alphabe-Thursday!

Loved Thumper! And all the sweet pets! And Twining teas!

You are just a neat lady! I hope your heart is finding the ability to smile again a little more each day.

I think if you watch Thumper sitting in her chair eating treats it would be hard to feel down!

Thanks for linking up Miss Tracy.