Sunday, 20 February 2011

Girlie weekend

This weekend started way back in November when Hannah was choosing Christmas gifts.
She came up with the fab idea of a SPA day for us girls.
We were given a certificate , two towels and a travel shower set.
The next part came when we got together to choose a spa followed by a weekend.

We decided to go to Liz's this time round and had a fab weekend

Hannah picked me up from school on Friday and we headed over to becky's then Becky fdrove us up to Liz & Jame's
We were then served a fab super of shepherds pie followed by home made pud.
Saturday morning we woke up to SNOW .

I managed to get a photo of the four of us

As well as one of the girls

It was good to see how grown up George and Monty are

Monty seems to have recovered from his self inflicted illnes.

Today we went back to the hotel and went to a wedding fair
So all in all a fab weekend was had by all

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H said...

Good to get away and have fun with your girls. What a super Christmas present!