Sunday, 27 March 2011

Saturday centus from Eden House

Saturday centus once again , please tell me where is the year going? The clocks have changed here so now we are on BST whoopee .

Ok this week the Mad Miss wants us to do poetry its ok for her sat in her secure cell ( surely she is not allowed out in public with her level of madness) where are we supposed to drum up a poem ?

I don’t do poetry .

Ok well if you insist I will do my best

The words we were given are I am not a chicken

Chicken should have been my name

Heaven help me as a chicken

I never knew till older what a choice

Castle is a much better surname

Keeping my name as I go along

Even tho I am divorcing will be  going back to Castle

Now I’m no chicken

This does not rhyme at all but hope you enjoy now off to see the mad mistress in her cell please pop in and visit  but remember any cake will be checked for nail files we do not want her escaping do we ?


Sue said...

Sounds like you'll be ruling the roost now!

Good for you.

=) said...

You are definitely no chicken. Not only did you write a poem, you used the letters of "chicken" to start each line. This is very creative and empowering.

Judie said...

What a very clever take on the prompt. I wish you all the best in your new life!!

Nonna Beach said...

Very good job and clever too !!!

Ames said...

I think a woman should keep her maiden name anyway! It's who she is! Nice take on this prompt!~Ames

Kat said...

Such a creative use of the prompt! It's good to step out of our comfort zone at times, you never know what might happen! Kat

Tgoette said...

Nicely played! Cleverly done using the letters of chicken to start each line. Great job.

gaelikaa said...

I'll bet you're not! LOL

Jenny said...

I love acrostic poems...I need to attempt one of those one of these days.

Oops, my cell keepers have arrived...I am being put back into my straight jacket...

Before I got, though, may I just say...