Monday, 18 April 2011


No readers I have not deviated from my trip schedule and hopped on a plane to Rio.
Instead yesterday I accompanied three generations of cousins to the cinema to see the cutest film .
Now I am lacking in children under the age of 10 at my house and do not have any that I could borrow really, so yesterday when I was invited to go to see this film I said a whopping great YES .

Watch Rio online, Get ready for a new craze that will surely leave you to beg for another movie sequel. Here comes blu the not typical macaw bird that you will surely love. It’s another animated character from the creator of the Popular Ice Age movie. Rio is a movie about a rare species bird named blu (Jesse Eisenberg). He lives as a domestic bird with his owner at a bookstore in the small town of Moose Lake, Minnesota. But what could be worst with him being a bird is that he can’t fly, not that he has some disability but he’s just a scaredy-bird so unnatural for a bird huh. He is thought to be the last of his kind. When blu learned from the scientist that another macaw bird lives in South America specifically in the magnificent place of Rio de Janeiro and that another one is female he set off and leaves the comforts of his cage.
His journey to meet this female macaw named Jewel ((Anne Hathaway) needs courage, and blu finally wanted to learn flying so that he can impress Jewel! His meeting is far from love at first sight with the fiercely independent, high-flying female, Jewel. His adventure with Jewel didn’t come very easy but it also made a way for him to learn of becoming a true brave bird. Along the way, they get kidnapped by poachers so that they can sell them to get a fortune since they are rare. After they escape, they try to avoid the thieves especially the pet cockatoo Nigel (Jemaine Clement) as they were hunted eagerly with the help of his monkey sidekicks. Both will learn about friendship, love, courage, and being open to life’s many wonders.

Rio Now I am not good at writing film reveiws so I have to say I copied and pasted from the web page but it does say it all so beautifully .
First generation cousin ( Gramma Kathe ) loved the sound track and I am hoping to add to my Ipod.


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Nunzia said...

Decided to resume blogging after a long hiatus and happened upon a comment of encouragement you left me some time ago. Thank you for that. Happy Easter and God bless you.