Friday, 29 April 2011

Blooming brilliant bunny and Book .Alphabet Thursday

Over at alphabet Thursday we are on the letter B which for me is Brilliant .
I have come back from my trip to see my brilliantly brave aunt in USA to come back to a garden in bloom a bunny in the sink , bunting at school and a book in my brain.
over grown pond ready to be filled in  for new garden,.

Fabulous lilac

wonderful wisteria

more lilac

Bunny in the sink

Bunnting at school for our Royal wedding street party

A brilliant idea for work

And Bunny in the sink again.

And last but not least the book in my brain.

I picked this up at Walmart last week , it was one of those books that when you read the blurb it grips you.

Well I started it whilst waiting for my plane home and by the time I got home it was finished. And whilst I am no authority on wtiting book reveiws I woul;d deffinatley recomend this one. it is about a four year olds trip to heaven

Well thats me B'd out so I am off to read some more contibutors to Alphabet Thursday please pop by . Alphabet Thursday


Catherine Love said...

Fun B post ... love that bunny!

Judie said...

Beautiful photos! That bunny is sooo cute!!

H said...

And the bunny was in the sink because..?

Glad you had a good trip :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Aw! Love the bunny too! How funny that bunny was in the sink! And what beautiful blooms! OH! I just read that book a couple of weeks ago after my hubby finished it! I loved it and isnt the little guy so cute on the cover?

Blessings & Aloha!
...I'm running late this week! Have a blessed day!

Jenny said...

Bunnies in the basin? What's up with that?

How is your Aunt? How was your trip?

It looks like everything blossomed out like crazy while you were gone. Is you garden ahead of behind of where you were staying?

Thanks for this cute link, Miss Tracy. I'm hoping you found some peaceful time with your beloved relative.

A+ and

Welcome home!

Jingle said...

lovely humor.