Sunday, 1 May 2011

All change

Long ago there was a garden that was just a lawn. There were no flower beds or trees, no table or chairs and certainly nothing of any interest.

Gradually this was changed  and is now a garden that whilst being overgrown in part and certainly not tame is a thing to me of beauty.
It is the first garden that I have designed from scratch, infact there is a plan imn my Alan Titchmarch book from before we even saw the  house detailing what was needed.

One of these things was a pond a koi one and a wild life one. Over the years I have cleaned out the wild life one but sadly had an ongoing battle with a pond weed.

These were taken after Liz and I spent a whole day ripping it all out and starting again

Yesterday I decided that it had to go.

 Thanks to a neighbour who had a skip of soil ( new conservatory)  I was able to fill in  having stabbed the liner then top off with bark and plant up this new area


Sadly there will be no more frogspawn photos  or blooming water lillies. Instead I will post of repositioned Hostas, Maple and new purchased lavendar and lobelia.

So hopefully I will just have to do battle with strong rooted grass


Leovi said...

Great job. I love those water lilies.

H said...

It must be the year for filling in ponds. I began dismantling Mark's pond at the end of last year and have been continuing the filling in job during this holiday.