Friday, 6 May 2011

Alphabet Thurday C is for Cates Cousins

These are my fab four cousins Jerry and Jack on the right and Lori Myself and Kathe on the left . The only person missing in this gathering is my brother Robert.

I could put pictures up of their Children and grandchildren but this is enough for me .
I dont get to see them often as they live in Spokane Washington. Having said that I have just had the privelage of spending two weeks them and it was good to get to know them in a different away.
That is my contribution to Alphabet Thursday this week if you want to read more contributions then pop over to Jenny at Alphabet Thursday .


Anonymous said...

i wish i was closer to my cousins
we grew up next door, now live within 10 miles of each other but never see one another...
you have memories to cherish!
happy alphabe-thursday

Amanda said...

That's lovely! I heard it rains tons in Spokane. My favorite author, David Eddings, used to live there.

Bonnie said...

I love your blog.. It's so inviting. I will stop by again for sure!

What a nice picture of family. I don't have many cousins myself.

Birgit said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Oh, it's lovely that you show a photo of your family here.

Greetings from Germany,

H said...

I have quite a few cousins, but hardly ever see most of them, which is sad.

The Paper Princess said...

I'm stopping by to wish you a happy Mother's Day Tracy!


Jenny said...

Awwww...I'm so glad you got to see your cousins, even if the trip was for a sad purpose!

You all look so happy to be together!

Thanks for sharing this lovely picture with us.